50 Best Free Online Python Tutorials

According to TIOBE Programming Community Index released in August 2019 for the most popular programming languages, Python stands 3rd in the list behind Java and C programming language. Exceptional progress in popularity of the Python language shows how this language has gained the trust of the millions of programmers and become one of the most reliable programming languages.

Personally I’m not surprised with the overwhelming popularity gained by Python language because I’ve been using Python since my early days in programming and it is high-level programming language which is very easy to learn but one of the most powerful programming languages which lets you do whole lot of things with it.

Multiplatform support is what makes Python one of the most used programming languages as it helps programmer avoid using different tools to port application and software’s between different platforms such as Android, Mac and Windows.

It’s great idea to start your programming career with Python as it one of the easiest languages to learn with effortless integration support to other languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc. Learning Python is a fun task once you get familiar with the language and to make it more interesting for you; I’m going to give you 50 best online Python tutorial which you will find very useful.

  1. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist  

As the name suggests this tutorial will not only help you start programming in Python but also will help you develop thinking ability every programmer must have. This interactive tutorial is one of the best you will find on the web, with every detail explained with proper example. Those who are trying programming for the first time will find this tutorial very useful in their journey to become professional developer.

Each chapter is separately dedicated for variables, expressions, and statements, program flow, functions, data types, numpy and file I/O so that you get in-depth knowledge of the programming language.

  1. python.org

Python is an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development thanks to its elegant syntax and dynamic typing approach. Python.org is the official documentation of the Python programming language and hence you will get every single detail about the language in this tutorial.

This one is great tutorials for beginners as at the start it gives you thorough idea about the Python basics and once you get comfortable with it, tutorial introduces you to more advanced chapters of the language such as standard libraries, virtual environments and packages, error handling, etc.

  1. Code Academy

Code Academy is a one stop for tutorials of all the programming languages used in every corners of the world. Its latest Python 3 tutorial covers all the fundamental programming concepts of the Python programming language.

If you are new to Python language or let alone programming world then this tutorial is definitely for you as each chapters is separately dedicated for syntax, functions, control flow, lists, loops, strings, modules, dictionaries, files, classes, and function arguments with deep insights and examples.

  1. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is another website for free online tutorials for various programming and scripting languages. The comprehensive Python tutorial by Tutorials Point will guide you through all the basics of the Python programming language.

Once you get familiar with all the basics of the programming language, this tutorial takes you to next level by introducing you to Python advanced tutorials which cover classes/objects, reg expressions, CGI programming, database, networking and many other advanced topics.

  1. Hackr.io

Hackr.io is a great collection of both free and paid courses for different programming languages. At the time of writing this article there are more than 50 Python tutorials are available on this website, so you have plenty to choose from.

Best thing about this website is that while learning Python you can also take a look at Python programming applications with Django framework, machine learning and other applications of Python.

  1. A Byte of Python

A Byte of Python is specially crafted Python tutorials for novice programmers. This tutorial guides you right from setting up Python interpreter all the way to advanced topics such as object-oriented programming, input and output, exception handling and standard Python libraries.

Initially many find it bit fast paced tutorial but once you get used to it, one will enjoy this tutorial really well. This tutorial is highly recommended for beginners but others with programming language will also find this tutorial quite useful.

  1. LearnPython.org

Learn Python is great interactive Python tutorial which lets you start coding in Python right away from your web browser. It avoids going into too much theory and starts with the practical programs right away.

This tutorial starts your journey into learning Python language with small “Hello World” program and slowly eases you in to the more advanced programs in Python programming which will make you an expert in the language.

  1. Google’s Python Class

Google’s Python Class is very useful free online tutorial for novice as well as professional programmers. It is the collection of theoretical, videos and interactive tasks to give you in-depth knowledge of the Python programming language.

Video courses offered in this tutorial are to the point and provide every minute detail necessary for novice programmers. Interactive exercises bundled with the tutorials are also quite useful for coding practice.

  1. Learn X in Y Minutes

Learn X in Y Minutes is a Python 3.0 tutorial using which you can learn all the coding aspects of Python programming language in minutes as the name suggests.

Best thing about this tutorial is that tutorial is presented in code format which makes it interesting and easy to understand for the coders with prior programming knowledge.

  1. Dive Into Python

Dive into Python is free online tutorial that guides you right from the Python interpreter installation to the fundamental concepts of the programming language. You have option to refer this tutorial online or download it in variety of format to use it offline.

This is a decent Python tutorial which covers all the topics deeply with excellent examples. Beginners will find this tutorial very useful.

  1. Python Challenge

Python Challenge is not exactly a tutorial but rather a programming riddle which helps you master in the Python concepts. It is a weird but very effective way to learn a programming language.

As of now there are 33 levels on Python Challenge and the complexity of each challenge increases with each level which makes you addictive. You will feel challenged and under pressure with its well-constructed puzzles and rightly placed clues.

  1. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is one of the most interactive Python tutorials available online. Its modular crash-course like learning environment makes the language learning task fun which is very good for beginners.

This is a Python 3 tutorial which means all the basic as well as new concepts are very well covered, you just need to do a small registration on its website and then you’re good to go.

  1. Real Python

Real Python is one stop resource for all the Python programming tutorials which are absolutely free to use. All the basic and advanced topics of the Python programming language are covered deeply with step-by-step information for each.

You don’t need to do any registration to access this tutorial but it might be good idea to register as it will help you subscribe to new blogs and tutorials.

  1. TechBeamers

TechBeamers is my personal favorite free online Python programming language tutorial.  It covers all the basic Python concepts really well to help programming noobs to learn the concepts well.

It just doesn’t stop there as it also covers Python advanced topics such as Multithreading, Exception Handling, Socket Programming, Python MongoDB and many more topics favorable for professional developers and system administrators.

  1. Python Practice Book

Python Practice Book is online Python programming tutorial with collection of basic as well as advanced concepts of Python programming language. Tips and tricks given here by author will be crucial for beginners in their programming journey.

This tutorial is divided into 6 chapters Getting Started, Working with data, Modules, Object Oriented Programming, Iterators and Generators, and Functional Programming with each chapter comprising every nook and corner of Python language.

  1. Automate The Boring Stuff With Python

Written by Al Sweigart, Automate The Boring Stuff With Python is great Python programming book you can buy from Amazon, but can read it free online from its website because book is available as free to read under a Creative Commons License.

This is an exceptional Python tutorial which teaches you how to bypass some daily computer task with the help of Python programming while making you pro in Python concepts.

  1. Python for Beginners

As the name suggests Python for Beginners is specially designed for all the novice programmers. The website contains many Python programming guides covering all the basic and advanced concepts of the programming language.

Tutorial features some very useful guides such as Beautiful Soup in Python, Web Scrapping with Beautiful Soup and many other advanced Python tools.

  1. After Hours Programming

After Hours Programming’s Python tutorial will guide you through the fundamentals of the Python programming language.

It covers all the basic Python language topics such as functions, loops, strings, tuples, dictionaries, etc. and all the advanced topics with application of Python programming with Django.

  1. The New Boston Python 3.4 Tutorial

The New Boston Python 3.4 Tutorial is video tutorial which is really good guide for beginner as well as professional developers. This video tutorial covers all the Python 3.4 topics to the core so that one can get thorough knowledge of the programming language.

This tutorial is specially recommended newbies but professional developers can also make good use of it.

  1. Python Data Structures

Python Data Structure is a free to learn course offered by University of Michigan via Coursera. You will be guided to accomplish multi-step tasks like sorting or looping using tuples, programs to read and write data from files and store data as key or value using standard Python dictionaries.

  1. Using Python to Access Web Data

Another amazing and useful course offered by University of Michigan via Coursera. If you are looking to develop a web application then this tutorial might prove very useful to you.

It will guide you through process to retrieve data from different websites and APIs using Python, introduce you to the different protocols used by web browsers to retrieve documents and web applications.   

  1. Invent with Python

Invent with Python is a collection of free eBooks written by Al Sweigart. The free eBook will help you make games with its excellent tutorials.

The variety of basic and advanced Python programming topics covered in this tutorial will make you master in the language.

  1. New Circle’s 4 Day Python Training

New Circle’s Python tutorial is a 4 Day video training course which guides you through the fundamentals of Python programming language. It is a collection of 12 videos with each lasting 45 minutes approximately which means it covers every concept of the language.

Many prefer learning on video tutorial rather than theoretical one, and if you are one of them, then you will certainly enjoy this tutorial.

  1. Applied Machine Learning in Python

Offered by University of Michigan via Coursera, Applied Machine Learning in Python is an exceptional course ideal for professional Python programmers and developers.

This is great tutorial for data analysts and those who work on data science as course will guide you to build features to perform data analysis, create and evaluate data clusters.

  1. Think Python

Think Python is paperback which you can buy on Amazon but you can access its HTML version online by paying absolutely nothing. This is one of the best tutorials which introduce you to fundamentals of computer science and basics of programming by using Python as its base.

This tutorial can be great way to start the programming career as it explains every detail of the coding with great practical examples.

  1. Interactive: Foundations of Python Programming

Runestone Interactive is popular for offering open-source textbooks for free for various courses. In order to save or bookmark the page you were reading to continue reading in future you need to register on website which is also free.

Python programming course offered here is exceptional; all the Python language topics are covered with useful insights and practical examples. This is great tutorial for beginners as they will get everything about Python programming at one place.

  1. Learn Python The Hard Way

Written by Zed Shaw, Learn Python The Hard Way is one of the best books available for Python programming. You can buy its paperback from Amazon but no need to spend money as its free online version is available on its official website.

The online version is a package of 52 exercises in total covering each and every topic of Python programming language with details and code examples.

  1. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Coursera)

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python is free video course offered by Rice University via Coursera. It is completely free online Python course you can access right away with just small enrollment.

The course is designed in two parts to help novice programmers get familiar with the world of application development with the help of Python. In its first part it introduces you to basics of programming with guide to building a simple arcade game named “Pong”. And in the 2nd part it helps you develop interactive application such as “Digital Stopwatch” with the help of all the basics you’ve learned in 1st part.

  1. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Programming for Everybody is free online Python course offered by University of Michigan via Coursera. This interactive course will help you with all the basics of Python, guiding you right from installing Python to writing your first Python program.

It will also help you learn how to use variables to store, retrieve and calculate information and utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops.

  1. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python is free online course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX. This interactive video tutorial helps you solve real-world problems using Python 3.5.

In this amazing tutorial you will learn basics of Python programming, data structures, testing and debugging, algorithms and many more.

  1. Learn to Program: The Fundamentals

Learn to Program: The Fundamentals is free online Python video course offered by University of Toronto via Coursera. This tutorial is especially for beginners as this course introduces you to world of programming using Python language as its base.

The course is full of interactive and fun example programs which will help you master programming and application development using Python programming language.

  1. Python for Data Science

Python for Data Science is a free interactive video course offered by University of California, San Diego via edX. This course will introduce you to bunch of powerful open-source tools important for data science.

Some of the tools included in this course are python, jupyter notebooks, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, git, etc. Apart from these you will learn basic process of data science and basic statistical analysis and machine learning methods.

  1. Code Nerd: Python Video Tutorial

Python Video Tutorial from Code Nerd which is a YouTube channel for video courses and tutorials. It is the collection of 5 short videos which give you basic but useful idea about Python programming and its applications.

At the end of each video it gives you exercise to solve which will help you brush up your skills in Python programming.

  1. Learning to Program

Written by Alan Gauld, Learning to Program is exceptional insight to programming world through Python language. It covers all the basics of Python language such as branching, modules and functions, text and file handling, error handling etc.

It also features some advanced topics such as regular expressions, databases, network programming, developing web-client and web application, etc.

  1. Python Tutor

Developed by Philip Guo, Python tutor helps you overcome complexities in learning a programming language. This Python tutor lets you write a code in browser itself and see it visualizes step-by-step.

On this tutor you can also get live help from online volunteers if you have any query or something.

  1. Introduction to Python Programming (Udacity)

Udacity is one of the best free online tutorial platforms for various courses in the field of programming and development, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science, business and autonomous systems.

Introduction to Python Programming tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of Python programming language and programming best practices. You will learn Python data types, conditionals and loops, lists, dictionaries, and tuples, etc.

  1. Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner

Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner is a part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Entry-Level Software Development. This course is free to learn, but if you want to do certification then you need to pay 99 bucks.

Some of the highlights of the course are you will learn using Python in Jupyter Notebooks, manipulating input/output, conditional statements and loops, etc.

  1. Crash into Python

Crash into Python is collection of documents and slides that help you learn and start programming in Python language if you have prior knowledge of coding in any other programming language.

This small piece will give you enough idea about Python programming language basics and help you start programming in Python right away.

  1. Full Stack Python

Full Stack Python tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professional programmers, this tutorial will help you build, deploy and operate Python applications.

You can build your own web application in Python with set of individual projects provided on this tutorial.

  1. Python Spot

Python Spot is an ideal tutorial for beginners as well as professional programmers and developers as it covers all the topics right from Python basics to advanced topics such as regular expressions and introduction to building Quantum Computing Applications with Python.

  1. CS for All

CS for All helps you learn fundamentals of computer science with the help of Python programming language. This tutorial features seven chapters in total covering every aspect of computer science and programming in Python language.

Some of the topics covered are functional programming and Python syntax, foundation of computation, loops, dictionaries and variables, and object-oriented programming, etc.

  1. Python For You and Me

Python For You and Me is a simple but useful tutorial for novice as well as experienced programmers and application developers. It uses mu editor to help you learn Python programming language but you can use any.

All the basic as well as advanced topics of the language are covered deeply with each chapter is separately dedicated to variables and data types, operators and expressions, the control-flow, loops, data structures, strings, functions, file handling, exceptions, class, and modules, etc.

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python will help you install, configure and make use of Python programming language to solve data science problems daily.

This tutorial is an awesome package covering basic and advanced topics of Python language with its applications in the coding and scripting languages. Finally it shows you how to publish your code on bigger platform.

  1. Practical Business Python

This small but useful piece of tutorial will help you build your own python scripts to solve daily business problems on the go. Using this guide you can learn to develop advanced Excel worksheets using Python to solve data science problems and performing efficient data analysis.

  1. The Elements of Python Style

Well, The Elements of Python Style is recommended for beginner to intermediate programmers as it guides you to the standards beyond syntax and basic structure of programming in Python language.

This tutorial help you make your code efficient with guide to PEP8 guidelines, line and length flexibility, consistent naming, paradigms and patterns, standard tools and project structures, etc.

  1. The Python Guru

The Python Guru is another ideal Python language tutorial for beginners who want to make career in programming and application development.

Its guides you through with Python 3 installation process and then gives you great insight into each Python topic which includes datatype and variables, numbers, strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples, objects and classes, functions, loops, etc.

  1. Learning Python

Learning Python by Matt Makai who is software developer and Python expert, is one of the best tutorials you will find if you are looking to learn coding.

This tutorial will help you initiate your own project with the help of Flask and Django frameworks which you can use for developing web applications.

  1. CheckiO

This is a fun tutorial which will make you master in Python programming language with the help of challenging and full of fun tasks of game development.

This is a great tutorial for both beginner as well as professional programmers as this will help you brush up your skills in Python programming.

  1. Python Learn

Python Learn is a free Python 2 tutorial for every programmers and developer. This tutorial guides you with installation of Python and takes you on tour to learning Python language topic by topic.

  1. Twilio Blog: Python

Twilio Blog: Python is not exactly a Python programming tutorial but it is a collection large number of projects in Python. So it is basically ideal for intermediate to professional programmers.

So these are the 50 best online Python tutorial to match every novice and professional programmer’s requirements. Share your views and suggestions at @LinuxHint and @SwapTirthakar.

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