Best Manjaro Linux Wallpapers

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Linux is, by default, a pretty amazing and evolving platform that is offering more and more out of our systems. With the power of Linux, you can push yourself to the limits of what you can do and how you enjoy your computer.There are a number of Linux distros to pick up. Some of them are specially curved towards new and general computer users while others target experts and professionals. For example, Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc. are the well-known for their user-friendliness and regarded as some of the best Linux distros for new and casual users.On the other hand, we got Arch Linux, Gentoo etc. These are top-class Linux systems that targets experts. However, in the case of Manjaro Linux, it’s different. Despite being a cool Linux distro based on Arch Linux, it targets new and moderate users to give the enjoyment of the Arch environment.With the spicy look and graphical tweaks, Manjaro Linux is already great looking. How about making it spicier? Let’s start with the wallpaper!

Manjaro Linux comes up with a preinstalled collection of wallpapers. Don’t worry; I’ve also collected some of my favorite wallpapers.

How to change wallpaper

Before we dive deeper into the wallpaper collection, we have to make sure that you know how to change your wallpaper first.

At first, login into your system.

This is your system.

Right-click on any blank space >> select “Configure Desktop”.

Now, we’re on the “Wallpaper” selection mode.

Note – I’m using KDE Plasma desktop environment. Depending on your choice, the option may differ and/or the settings will be different.

Now, you can select your favorite wallpaper from the box.

After selecting, hit Apply >> OK.

Adding more wallpapers

For adding more wallpaper to the collection, open up the wallpaper option again.

Hit the button “Add Image”.

Now, you’ll have to browser for the target folder(s) for adding more wallpaper into the database.

The best Manjaro Linux wallpapers

Time for the best wallpapers to show up!

Note – all the wallpapers are in their original size. Before you apply them on your desktop, you should resize them for the best experience. All of them are collected from Unsplash.

A beautiful scenario where blue and brown makes a fine beauty

Mountain and water – love forever!

Wonderful white flowers with mind-blowing splash of green leaves

Into the maze of reflection

Snow Mountain!!!

Just can’t resist the charm of Lamborghini!

Business in everyday life

Wonderful color ornamentation!

Orange and yellow with you on the road – what could be better?

The nature feels mysterious sometimes, right?

The life follows strange path, like the road in the mountains.

Natural and critical

Lone journey in the countryside

The path towards the sun!

Rough and tough

Cold and warmth together


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