How to install Linux Kernel 4.4.72 on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

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Greg Kroah-Hartman recently announced the release of Linux Kernel 4.4.72 which addresses quite a few issues raised since last update, which includes ARM, PowerPC improvements and a host of memory fixes. Before we proceed on how to install linux kernel 4.4.72 on ubuntu and its derivatives, lets take a quick look at some of the issues addressed.

Highlight Of Linux Kernel 4.4.72 Fixes

  • Increase the per-task stack canary’s random range from 32 bits to 64 bits on 64-bit platforms
  • Disallow cwnd undo when switching congestion control
  • Fix MR reference count leak on write with immediate
  • Improvement made on data abort handling of tagged pointers on arm64
  • Fix watchpoint matching for tagged pointers
  • Don’t perform cached access checks before we’ve OPENed the file
  • consider memblock reservations for deferred memory initialization sizing
  • Fix panic when serial console and DMA are enabled
  • Drop krefs for interrupted tty lock
  • Fix race between read and ioctl for ALSA timer
  • Drop kernel samples even though :u is specified
  • Fix percpu allocations to be NUMA aware for powerpc
  • Adjust tests to deal with SMAP/PAN

See release notes for full details

How to install Linux Kernel 4.4.72 on Ubuntu 17.04

  • Select your operating system version and install

32bit OS

cd /tmp    wget    sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.4*.deb linux-image-4.4*.deb
  • Update the Grub boot loader
sudo update-grub

64bit OS

cd /tmp    wget    sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.4*.deb linux-image-4.4*.deb

How to remove Linux Kernel 4.4.72 from Ubuntu 17.04

sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-4.4* linux-image-4.4*
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