Install Clear Linux (Intel Linux OS) on a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox


The Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture is building a Linux OS distribution targeted for various cloud use cases. The goal of the Clear Linux OS is to showcase the best of Intel Architecture technology, from low-level kernel features to more complex use cases that span the entire operating system stack. Emphasis is been put on Power and Performance optimizations throughout the operating system as a whole.

Clear Linux Key Features

  • With Clear Linux OS stateless feature, it can effectively perform a “factory reset” on the system and you can immediately set it up again
  • With Clear Containers, ways are been worked on to improve security of containers by using Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Cloud Integrated Advanced Orchestrator (ciao) is a new workload scheduler designed to address limitations in current cloud OS projects
  • Clear Linux for Intel Architecture includes a telemetry solution that rapidly detects and responds to quality issues in the field
  • Clear Linux OS for Intel Architecture is the first Linux distribution that supports auto proxy
  • Mixing is a term we use to describe composing an OS for very specific use cases
  • AutoFDO uses a sampling-based profile to drive feedback-directed optimizations
  • Function Multiversioning (FMV) is a compiler feature that is capable of optimizing the same code for multiple architectures, automatically selecting the correct architecture-specific version of the code at runtime

How to Install Clear Linux on a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

Create a virtual machine in VirtualBox

  • Download the latest live version (clear-XXXX-live.img.xz)

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” icon=”icon: download”]DOWNLOAD THE LIVE IMAGE[/su_button]

  • Decompress the downloaded image.
    • On Linux Machine
xz -d clear-XXXX-live.img.xz
    • On a Windows Machine, use 7zip.

  • Convert the raw image to VDI format by running either of the following commands (Note: open the command prompt as an Administrator > Change to directory Virtualbox was installed on, in my case “E:program FilesOracleVirtualBox”. Then note to point to directory you extracted the image file to)
VBoxManage convertfromraw e:Ubuntuclear-linuxclear-12540-live.img e:Ubuntuclear-linuxclear-12540-live.vdi --format VDI


vbox-img convert --srcfilename e:Ubuntuclear-linuxclear-12540-live.img --dstfilename e:Ubuntuclear-linuxclear-12540-live.vdi --srcformat raw --dstformat vdi

  • Now create a new virtual machine using the following settings
    • Type: Linux
    • Version: Linux 2.6 / 3.x / 4.x (64-bit)
    • On Hard disk, select “Use an existing virtual hard disk file”

  • Next go to settings to enable EFI support
    • System -> Enable EFI (special OSes only)

Start and Configure Clear Linux OS

  • When you start the VM for the first time, Clear Linux will ask for a login user, type root and then enter new password

Now time to get the OS up and running

  • Install the bundle that supports VirtualBox modules
swupd bundle-add kernel-lts
  • Set a timeout in the bootmanager to shows a menu at boot time
clr-boot-manager set-timeout 10
  • Update the bootloader entries
clr-boot-manager update
  • Reboot the machine

  • On restart, choose LTS kernel version

(Optional) Unset timeout to boot directly to LTS version

clr-boot-manager set-timeout 0
  • Update bootmanger to use always LTS version
clr-boot-manager update

Next Install Guest Additions

  • Install the sysadmin-basic bundle
swupd bundle-add sysadmin-basic
  • Insert Guest Additions CD image using Devices menu and Install
  • Reboot your system
  • Setup the Clear Linux graphical user interface ans start it up
swupd bundle-add os-utils-gui    startxfce4

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