Install Museeks 0.7.1 – Lightweight, Cross-Platform Music Player

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Museeks 0.7.1 most recent release, is an open source, lightweight, cross-platform music player for Linux, Windows as well as Mac OSX platforms. Further more, the music player uses Node.js for back-end, electron (used to be atom-shell) for embedded browser, and React.js as front-end framework and Flux with Redux as data-flow pattern.

Museeks Key Features

  • Lightweight music player
  • Polished
  • Playlists
  • Queue management
  • Shuffle, loop
  • Dark theme
  • Playback speed control
  • Sleep mode blocker
  • Supported formats includes mp3, mp4, m4a/aac, wav, ogg , as well as 3gpp

Museeks 0.7.x Changelog


  • Cover support
    • If the track has an ID3 cover, it will be used
    • If there is a

      in the track folder, the first matching file will be used

    • If the above solution fails, a “no-cover” fallback image is used
  • An option to run Museeks with the OS’s native frame, as well as track list context menu to filter by album/artist
  • Files with uppercase extensions when scanning the library (e.g


  • Notifications after some actions
  • A link to library in empty playlist
  • A track play counter (not shown yet in the UI though)
  • A troubleshooting section in Settings/About


  • Improved queue drag&drop management
  • More natural volume change


  • Drop NeDB for LinvoDB3 with LevelJS: you will need to refresh your library
  • Update to Electron 1.4.0


  • Sleep-blocker toggler, as well as Shuffle rollback
  • Library refresh with some file without metadata and some .wav
  • Library not scanning files without a lowercase extension (e.g .WAV)
  • Playback rate and volume not setting correctly on startup
  • Play/pause global shortcut, as well as Default volume value
  • Error notification appearing on start-up when the auto-update checker fails

How to install Museeks 0.7.1 on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

32bit OS

cd ~/Downloads    wget    sudo unzip ~/Downloads/museeks-linux-*.zip -d /opt    sudo mv /opt/Museeks-linux* /opt/museeks

64bit OS

cd ~/Downloads    wget    sudo unzip ~/Downloads/museeks-linux-*.zip -d /opt    sudo mv /opt/Museeks-linux* /opt/museeks
  • Now create a lauch icon by creating the file “museeks.desktop” with following command
gedit ~/.local/share/applications/museeks.desktop

Copy and paste the following entries into the created museeks.desktop file and save

[Desktop Entry]  Name=Museeks  Exec=/opt/museeks/museeks  Terminal=false  Type=Application  Icon=/opt/museeks/resources/app/src/images/logos/museeks.png  Categories=AudioVideo;Player;Audio;

How to remove Museeks from Ubuntu

sudo rm -rf /opt/museeks    rm ~/.local/share/applications/museeks.desktop
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