Mesa 17.0.0 Mesa 3D Graphics Library released – Install on Ubuntu


Mesa 17.0.0 recently released, is an open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification. OpenGL is a programming library for writing interactive 3D applications. This release now implements the OpenGL 4.5 API.

Key New features

Note: some of the new features are only available with certain drivers.

  • GL_NV_image_formats on any driver supporting GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store (i965, nvc0, radeonsi, softpipe)
  • Intel Haswell now supports OpenGL 4.2
  • Vulkan Float64 capability support on Intel’s ANV driver

Bug Fixes

  • Wasteland 2 Directors Cut: Hangs. GPU fault
  • DMs are crashing on start with “radeon”
  • Blender line rendering broken after removing XY clipping of lines
  • Firefox crashing when opening about:support with WebGL2 enabled
  • VLC video has corrupted colors when using VDPAU output on Radeon SI
  • Fail to render to different faces of depth-stencil cube map
  • GPU hang in Shogun2
  • Line rendering broken in Dolphin when using gl_ClipDistance
  • Memory corruption when uploading DXT5 cubemap faces
  • Segfault when running Dolphin twice with Vulkan
  • witcher 2: objects are black when changing lod
  • Can’t configure a desktop with 3x4k monitors in one row
  • Vulkan Driver JSON file contains incorrect field
  • UnrealEngine v4 demos startup fails to blorp blit assert
  • Support R8 image texture in ES 3.1
  • radeon r600 vdpau: Invalid command stream: texture bo too small
  • NI/Turks MSAA texture corruption with FreeCAD and Wine games

See release note for full changelog

How to Install Mesa 17.0.0 3D Graphics Library on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

  • First of all, you need to enable source URIs by opening Software & Updates  > then check the box “Source code”

  • Now proceed with the installation when above had been done
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    ---- Install all required dependencies -----  sudo apt-get build-dep mesa    ----- Install llvm-dev -----  sudo apt-get install llvm-dev    wget    tar -xvf mesa-17.0.0.tar.gz    cd mesa-*    ./configure --enable-gallium-llvm    make    sudo make install

How to remove Mesa from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove mesa
  • To check installed version, run the following command
glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"
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