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Musikcube is a terminal-based cross-platform music player that runs natively on all most operating systems such as Windows, macOS, as well as Linux. It has an audio engine built-in, performs metadata indexing, built-in library management, as well as a streaming audio server. Furthermore, it runs smoothly on Raspberry Pi with a custom DAC (e.g. IQaudIO DAC+), and can output 24bit/192k audio comfortably. Before we proceed on how to install musikcube terminal based music player on ubuntu, lets take a quick look at its features.

Musikcube Features

  • It has a native Android app version called musikdroid, that connects to musikcube servers
  • Can be used as a streaming audio client and/or a remote control for playback on a headless server
  • It is a cross-platform c++ library
  • Ideal for developers as a backend for creating or prototyping apps that play music
  • Out of the box, it provides file scanning capability, index tagging, gapless as well as crossfading playback
  • Offers a play queue management system, playlist crud, an extensible plugin architecture
  • Has support for libraries containing 100,000+ audio tracks

The most recent release is musikcube 0.21.1, and this comes with updates to few of the symbols used for drawing things like dropdowns and checkmarks so they work with a wider variety of fonts

How to install Musikcube Terminal Based Music Player on Ubuntu 17.04 and below

  • Install the following libraries and their development packages
sudo apt-get install build-essential clang cmake libboost-thread1.61-dev libboost-system1.61-dev libboost-filesystem1.61-dev libboost-date-time1.61-dev libboost-atomic1.61-dev libboost-chrono1.61-dev libogg-dev libvorbis-dev libflac-dev libfaad-dev libncursesw5-dev libasound2-dev libpulse-dev pulseaudio libmicrohttpd-dev libmp3lame-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev
  • Run following commands to compile it
git clone    cd musikcube    cmake .    make    sudo make install
  • To laucn app, run the following command

How to remove musikcube from Ubuntu

sudo apt remove musikcube  

Keyboard Shortcuts

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