PyCharm Professional vs Community Editions

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What is PyCharm?

PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) used for the development of Python projects specifically. It is a very robust and well-designed system­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ in the sense that it provides everything that a Python user would ever need. It has support for web elements in the form of Django and possesses equally strong tools for data science applications as well.

You may be wondering what some of these terms actually are and there is no need to worry as we will make sure that by the end of the article, you understand each and everything properly. First, we will discuss what an IDE is.

Explaining what an IDE is

To put it simply, an IDE is a kind of program where you can write code and do a number of things with it like debug it (find errors in it) and what not. Essentially, an IDE is your factory where you will be producing all sorts of codes and projects. There are tremendous amounts of IDE’s available for use in today’s world but not every one of them has what every user needs.

The requirements of every user are different and it is a wise decision to do thorough research about what exactly you need before you commit to using something particular. If you are just starting out with coding, any free IDE might do your job. On the other hand, if you have some experience under your belt, you will most likely need something that performs unique tasks that can make your daily life at work or home projects much easier. For this type of luxury, you will probably need to shell out some form of payment. Most premium IDE’s are available in a monthly subscription system and they usually offer some form of concession depending on if you are a student. To be eligible for a discount though, you might need to fulfill some of their requirements which can involve either living in a specific country/area or be enrolled in a particular institute.

PyCharm Community Edition

Since we have covered one of the basic building blocks of the terminologies used here, we will now move on to discussing what the free version (also known as community version) has to offer to the public.

Usually, the premium versions build on top of the free versions in ways that offer much more utility that an average user will typically never need. But it also means that in no way are the free versions incapable of performing the basic tasks.

If you are getting PyCharm just to get into the world of programming, everything basic will be provided to you in the free version. A basic online programming course will not indulge in anything specific like web programming and will simply cover core programming concepts that are applied in pretty much every programming language ever. If we were to make a list of some of the important features that are available in the free version, this would be it:

  • Intelligent Editor
  • Graphical Debugger
  • Version Control Integration
  • PyQt
  • PyGTK
  • iPython Notebook

Apart from these, the free version of PyCharm has a magnitude of other great features that will undoubtedly keep the users busy and interested at all times. In fact, almost all free versions of IDE’s are designed in ways that make the user get drawn into the world of programming and down a specific path as well. Once the user wants to, let’s say involve themselves in web development using Django and PyCharm’s specific utilities, they can look towards opting into a premium plan. There are a number of reasons why you would want to opt for a premium plan and web development is just one of them. If you want to explore the lengths you can go to, it is best to check out the official website of PyCharm to get a full list of features that are available.

PyCharm Premium Version

If you are interested in the special features that you can avail by signing up for a premium plan then keep on reading! If you happen to look at the pricing for the premium plan, you may be in shock. The reason that premium plans are expensive is that they provide professional developers with specific tools that make their day-to-day jobs much simpler and less monotonous. Professional developers will have no problem shelling out a few hundred dollars a year to get those shiny tools at their disposal since the revenue they generate with this added help is enormous.

Now that we have crossed the price shock, we will look at a premium feature, Django, in a bit more detail.

Django is a very high-level web development aid that developers are ogling over these days. You may be wondering, what makes Django so special and why is getting so much hype these days? Well, to put it simply, one of the reasons for its global acceptance is because it is open-source and therefore free to use for anyone.

It is created in a manner that allows its users to make the ideas in their turn into tangible products within the shortest possible timeframe imaginable. It’s tight security constraints and scalability allowances make it a favorite among all sorts of developers.

Other Premium features are listed below:

  • Scientific Tools
  • Web Development
  • Python Web Frameworks
  • Python Profiler
  • Remote Development Capabilities
  • Database & SQL Support.

How to decide if it’s time to switch to a premium version?

It’s quite simple actually. If you are bringing in good money from your freelance projects or your daily job and the complex development tasks are taking extra time off you that you feel can be utilized somewhere else, then it is a no brainer that you should start paying for the premium services.

However, it is not recommended to buy a premium version of any IDE at the start. You won’t know if you will commit to it without spending a good amount of time on it. It’s also possible that the tasks you want to buy a premium version for are available for free in a different IDE. Until you’ve done some good exploration, it is highly advised that you keep your credit card away to avoid making a purchase that you’ll regret soon afterward.

In a nutshell, Start Small, Think Big.

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