Vim Awesome

As a text editor, Vim offers a ton of built-in features. In fact, Vim offers as much as everything a “modern” text editor has to offer! To me, that makes Vim just as “modern” as Sublime Text, Atom, VS Code or any other ones. Just like others, Vim also offers a robust plugin ecosystem.

Vim plugin

Vim’s plugin ecosystem is simply unreal! It’s stable, powerful and produces the least trouble than most of the well-known text editors. Plugins are basically scripts written in Vim’s own scripting language. In fact, even you can get started by writing your own plugin to do whatever you like. As a matter of fact, there already thousands of plugins out there to enhance your Vim experience.

This is where Vim Awesome comes in. As the name suggests, it does an “awesome” job of collecting all the Vim plugins scattered throughout the internet into one place. Let’s check out Vim Awesome and you can start benefiting from it.

Vim Awesome

Check out Vim Awesome.

Very plain looking with a nice classic, old school vibe, right? On the left, we got the categories.

On the right, there are all the plugins from the selected category. If no category is selected, it will display all the plugins.

Let’s check out vim-fugitive on Vim Awesome.

On top, the page contains some information about vim-fugitive. For example, it shows that vim-fugitive is a 10 years old project! It’s still active and it was last updated 19 hours ago (from the time of visiting the site). It’s good to know that if you’re going to use vim-fugitive, you should expect regular updates, fixes and eventually, there will be fewer bugs. It’s always better to choose a software that’s actively maintained.

Another interesting thing is, Vim Awesome shows how many users installed vim-fugitive! Note that it only collects the number of users that used Vundle, Pathogen, and NeoBundle to install this plugin.

You can also check out the official pages of vim-fugitive on GitHub and!

At the middle, you can see a short tutorial on installing vim-fugitive on Vim with the help of major Vim plugin managers – VimPlug, Vundle, Pathogen, and NeoBundle. I’m going to install vim-fugitive using VimPlug.

When you scroll down, there’s a short page on vim-fugitive.

If you’re willing to get a plugin listed on Vim Awesome, fill out the submit form.

Why use Vim Awesome

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Vim Awesome.


Searching for Vim plugins on the web is tedious work. Of course, the amount of Vim plugins isn’t small. Yet, wouldn’t it be easier if all the Vim plugins were in a single place? That’s what exactly Vim Awesome does. It presents you all the available Vim plugins across the world with a handy summary of various information.

Fast and simple

Every single aspect of Vim Awesome is self-explanatory. If you’re using Vim, then you definitely have more than enough brainpower to understand what each section indicates. The site isn’t jumbled. With nice coloring, it also indicates whether a plugin is a theme, code completion, interface enhancing, or code highlighting. Feel free to surf your way around Vim Awesome and you’re never going to get lost!

Look like a pro

If you’re using Vim in the coffee shops, almost definitely you’ll have the title of a “hacker” surfing through the world of The Matrix. Plus, if you’re capable of entering the cloud and changing code through the command line, it’s definitely going to earn some respect from your colleagues.

Large community backup

Vim has always been there. In fact, Vim’s been around for so long that it’s definitely one of the oldest apps. As Vi being a part of POSIX, Vim will also be always there. Again, as long as Vim exists, so will the community.

Vim is one of the most stable text editors out there. Because of its unique nature, Vim offers a really lucrative development environment for the devs. That’s why a big chunk of the Vim users in the world are programmers.

That’s why the importance of Vim Awesome will always prevail. It helps to boost the productivity of the community by offering an all-in-one robust solution. So, if you’re into Vim, Vim Awesome is definitely going to benefit you, free of cost!

Final thoughts

Vim Awesome is one of the best places to look for suitable plugins for your Vim experience. However, make sure that you know how to install Vim plugins first. Otherwise, Vim Awesome won’t be of any benefit to you. Learn how to install Vim plugin.

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