IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.4 Community Edition out, Install on Ubuntu, CentOS


IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.4 Community Edition recently released, is the most Intelligent IDE for the Java Platform as well as support for Java 8 and above. It provides new tools for Android development, editor enhancements, and Gradle integration. Furthermore, it helps by giving smart and relevant suggestions in every context: instant and clever code completion, on-the-fly code analysis, easy project navigation and reliable refactoring tools.

IntelliJ IDEA Key Features

  • Provides a unified interface for major version control systems including Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce, and TFS
  • Finds duplicate code fragments on the fly
  • Whenever IntelliJ IDEA detects that you’re about to make a mistake, a little lightbulb pops up in the editor
  • It analyzes your code, when looking for connections between symbols across all project files and languages
  • Comes with a built-in decompiler for Java classes, as well as Lets you perform unit testing with ease
  • Knowing everything about usages of a symbol, IntelliJ IDEA offers extremely effective, as well as thorough refactorings
  • Supports Maven, Gradle, Ant, Gant, SBT, NPM, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp as well as other build tools
  • Supports major application servers: Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Glassfish, as well as many others
  • See more features

Ubuntu Desktop

CentOS 7 Desktop

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.4 Community Edition Highlights


  • Code cleanup is too slow and needs too much memory
  • Frequent complete UI freeze when editing Webflow

Bug Fixes

  • Debugging project stalls at ‘Sending WAIT chunk’ (in IDEA, but not Android Studio)
  • UI completely frozen after Debug-Step-Into (CTRL-F7)
  • External tool is not invoked after Git commit
  • IDE cannot handle 2GB+ jars
  • Another backward-incompatible plugin SDK change in WebBrowserUrlProvider
  • IntelliJ 2016.3 hangs at startup with message “Scanning files to index”
  • Stylelint 7.7.0 support
  • create-react-app does not work in IntelliJ IDEA
  • Looking for JDBC Driver Implementations
  • Wrong routine edited when schema name matches database name

How to Install IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.4 Community Edition on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mmk2410/intellij-idea-community    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install intellij-idea-community

How to remove IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.4 Community Edition from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get remove intellij-idea-community

How to Install IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.4 Community Edition on CentOS 7, RHEL

wget    sudo tar xf ideaIC-2016.3.4.tar.gz -C /opt/    cd /opt/idea-IC-163.12024.16/bin/    ./
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