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Premium DNS

Extremely quick websites always give a good impression to the visitors. The difference between the lookup speed is a fraction of seconds, but that is accountable while considering the site optimization. In addition to the faster performance, the premium DNS service provides security and reliability too. So a person looking for good reliability and security can opt for premium DNS service.

What is DNS (Domain Name Server)

Domain Name System or DNS for short, is the part of the Internet that lets users access websites (and other Internet services) using easy to remember words and phrases called hostnames like or When a user types a hostname into their browser address bar, one of the first steps undergone is to translate the hostname to an IP address. This translation process involves querying a DNS server that has been assigned responsibility for that hostname. These are called authoritative DNS servers. If the authoritative DNS server is not accessible, the browser will be unable to resolve the IP address and display the website.


Managed DNS provider networks consist of many DNS POPs (a single POP consists of 1 or more DNS servers) distributed globally. When used in combination with Anycast routing, these DNS servers can be configured to automatically fail over to other POPs. Additionally, the DNS protocol can include more than one authoritative server and incorporates retry logic such that DNS clients will try to query multiple DNS servers until a response is received. These factors enable DNS to provide continual availability as long as at least 1 DNS POP is available.

DNS Propagation Latency

DNS Propagation is more relevant to an organization making frequent or automated DNS updates, where those updates are critical to some functionality.

Location Based Routing (Geo IP)

Location based DNS routing allows a DNS hostname to resolve dynamically depending on the geographic location of the user (or more specifically, location of the user’s DNS resolver). To accomplish this, the geographic location is determined using Geo IP databases. This location is then run through custom, user-defined DNS rules that may affect the IP address the hostname resolves to. For example, a hostname might resolve to a server in Singapore for users in Asia, and a server in the US for others thereby improving webpage load times.

Zone Based Routing (Anycast)

Zone Based Routing is functionally similar to Location Based Routing, but instead of using a Geo IP database to determine the user’s geographic location, it uses the DNS server that the user is querying. Anycast is the use of routing and addressing policies to affect the most efficient path between a single source and several geographically dispersed targets that “listen” to a service within a receiver group. In Anycast, the same IP address space is used to address each of the listening targets (DNS servers in our case). Layer 3 routing dynamically handles the calculation and transmission of packets from our source (DNS Client) to its most appropriate (DNS Server) target.

In anycast, a collection of servers share the same IP address and send data from a source computer to the server that is topographically the closest. This helps cut down on latency and bandwidth costs, improves load time for users, and improves availability. It is important to remember that topographically closer does not inherently mean geographically closer, though this is often the case.

You can place 5 different DNS servers in various physical and network locations but share a single (or sometimes both primary and secondary DNS) addresses. Depending on where the source is, they get routed to their closest node. This does some traffic balancing plus it provides redundancy if a DNS server dies.

Features of Premium DNS

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Faster performance
  • Load Balancing

Benefits while using PremiumDNS

  • Make sure your website is safe and always online.
  • Maintain a professional online presence
  • Fast performance, 99.999% ∞ uptime guarantee
  • Reduce “website not found” errors
  • Mission-critical secondary DNS
  • Templates and bulk import/export options

You know that “website not found” errors make it look like your site doesn’t exist, but did you know that the inability to access a website is related to DNS issues 30% of the time. Due to the uptime guarantee,

Premium DNS Powered by Verisign

For less than $5 a year

Secure, globally available DNS service.
Anycast technology
100% percent service level agreement for DNS resolution.
PremiumDNS can be used with any domain name registered with any registrar.
Delivered in partnership with Verisign

Godaddy Premium DNS

Price : $2.39/mo

Unlimited domains for one low price and Unlimited records
Anycast DNS locations
Secure up to 5 domains with DNSSEC
Always online with Secondary DNS
Mission critical secondary DNS with syncing (unlimited domains)
99.999%∞ uptime guarantee
Templates for easy DNS updating
Easy-to-use online dashboard
Built-in error checking
Applies to ALL domains in your account
No overage fees

ClouDNS Premium DNS

Price : $2.00/month

Anycast DNS locations
Domains limited per plan
FreeDNs available with limited features
SLA 1000%

Premium DNS Powered by Verisign is one of the most cost-effective, high-performance DNS services around for the money.

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